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Creating the Ultimate Healing Environment


Aumkara is located on the verdant island of Pico in the Azores. These pristine Islands are magical and green, and legend says they are the last remaining part of the lost continent of Atlantis.

They are, effectively, the Hawaii of the Atlantic, lost in deep seas; steep-sided, beautiful and wild. During retreats, participants can unwind and recharge in the lush maritime climate, exploring the vast natural beauty Azores has to offer. 


Where Heaven and Earth Come Closer

The Celtic traditions believed that certain places called "Thin places" existed where the veil between the worlds was thinner.


Aumkara hopes to create a thin place, a healing environment where people can access there higher selves.

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At Aumkara we believe that the person can heal themselves, if they feel safe and in the right environment. For us it is all about creating and holding sacred space, once that is established then it is up to the individual to decide how far they want to go.

The Retreat & Spiritual Guest House will operate 1 retreat a month, and in between operate as a spiritual guest house, offering great food, an array of on site activities from yoga and meditation to treatments and massage.

For some Aumkara may be a place to deepen their yoga practice, and make deep friendships for another it may be a place to meditate, and rejuvenate on a high vibe holiday. Whilst for others it may be a place for artistic discoveries or dive into a workshop. It depends what you feel called to and the varied schedule throughout the year will bring in a range of facilitaors and teachers from around the world.

Peace is a sacred space within, it is

the temple of our internal landscape.

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