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Luxury guest house accomodation, bed, breakfast and

great food is just the start!

A Guest House with a twist

People are tired of staying at lifeless, impersonal hotels without any character, hence the rise of airbnb, but at Aumkara, we want to go the extra mile, and provide a spiritual guest house experience, where you can simply lye by the pool and unwind, or you could join in the daily yoga and meditation classes, have a treatment or a massage, and meet kindered spirits. Why do young people love to go to hostels, because you meet people, imagine you could go to a guest house and meet people on a much healthier wave length!

Woman Sleeping

A Wellness experience

Travel is not just about the beautiful places you visit, the amazing food you eat, and the lasting memories you make, but it is about reconnecting, connecting to yourself and to others, very few guest houses market themselves as a wellness guest house, maybe you dont have time for a retreat, or dont want to commit to the structure imposed by one, but you want to be in an environment that supports your wellbeing, fun, vibrant, heathly food, good energy and vibes, imagine coming back from a holiday truly revitilised in mind body and spirit. This I believehat so many people are truly looking for, and Aumkara and the Azores togther will provide those unforgetable experiences

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