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Discover Pico

The famous Mount Pico, a volcano, on Pic
Traditional and symbolic red windmill at

Exploring the Lava tunnels

Part of our commitment, to offer an eco tourism project on Pico in the Azores, is to offer nature based activities. Guests will be picked up and returned to Aumkara in our 100% electric minivan.


We will source sustainably produced, locally sourced organic produce, and offer the best of the Azorian local produce, from breads, to diary and cheeses, to fruit and vegetables and cultivate our own medicine herb, plant and small vegetable garden.

We will work in partnership with local eco tourism projects to offer guests a range of some of the most memorable afternoon nature based activities Pico has to offer and Aumkara will be supporting local businesses on the Island, and indirectly sustaining employment.

Scuba Diving

Swimming with Dolphins


Horseback Riding & Trekking

Woman on Galloping Horse

Whale Watching

Heart shape water trails formed by the t
Spinner Dolphins

Trekking Pico

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