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What will be on offer at Aumkara

Meditation Class
Outside Yoga

The Discovery Retreat

Yoga on Beach
Hiking Boots

When: Every month - 12 times a year.


The Discovery Retreat will be Aumkara's signature retreat, that will allow between 6-12 guests to stay for 1 week and aims to offer a complete mind, body, spirit experience that supports long-term change. We will offer healing yoga, with meditation, periods of silence, music and crystal healing, inspirational encounters, plenty of downtime and pampering in the lap of luxury.


The Retreat will be an immersion in yoga, meditation and mindfullness,  with daily classes in yoga, movement and meditation with our exceptional practitioners and offering 3 nature based afternoon activities each week to discover the natural wonders of Pico. There’s no pressure; you are invited to do as much or as little of the programme as you please. It has a warm, easy-going feel and community spirit.

Residency Programs

Artist Sketching
Artist at Work
Photographing Nature
Still Life Painting
Organic Vegetables

When: November to March

Residency programmes for artists and writers, filmmakers and musicans are also on offer, and all creative retreats are open to budding or established artists and writers, musicans or filmmakers alike.

Our Sacred Arts Residency space can accomodate up to 6 creatives at a time, and offers something different to normal art residencies. At Aumkara guests will have access to daily meditation or yoga classes, and crystal healing.Whatever stage of meditation or mindfulness practice you’re at, everyone will benefit from the utter peace and sheer beauty of Aumkara and Pico Island.

Energy is boosted throughout by delicious and varied vegetarian meals eaten together in the dining room, and guests will have free time to explore the Island or swim in the heated pool or simply soak up the stillness.

Process Painting Retreats


When: 4 times a year -Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.


What is Process Painting?


Process painting is making the experience of painting more  important than the outcome. The goal of process painting is the creative act itself, without  concern for talent, skill or accomplishment. Process painting allows you to connect with your  playful, child like self and go beyond rules and restrictions. This allows you to experience the  exhilaration of creating without the pressure to perform, produce or succeed.. Process painting  emphasises the creative process rather than technique or expertise.The goal is free expression 

Retreat overview  

At Aumkara Meriel will offer four, seven day retreats within each of the four  seasons in the beautiful purpose built studio space at Aumkara and will focus on embodying the creative process through  painting with ceremonies and meditations reflecting on the seasonal  themes;  

Autumn, What do you want to harvest into your life? Winter, we  

offer a place of sanctuary to go within. Spring, time to plant the  

future we want to see, with the power of the group we visualise  

and support one another dreams. Summer, we feel the sun  

shinning with abundance, we are ripe, juicy and ready to paint a  

new picture.  

 Arrive and feel welcomed into our home in a stunning, unspoilt place in nature.  

With luxury accommodation, all meals freshly sourced from  

Pico’s larder, yoga sessions, guided meditation, relaxation,  

exploring Picos diverse land and sea, like minded souls, 

candles, wood fires, mountain and coastal walks, biking,  

horse trekking, swimming with dolphins, whale watching and  

snorkelling are all available to enjoy.  

Smell the sea, feel the wind, snuggle in and drink tea, watch  

the sunsets, climb a volcano, laugh, tell stories, be quiet, eat  

chocolate, Re-Treat yourself, paint….  

Child's Pose

Aumkara for the Community

Finally Aumkara will benefit the local community as well, and on weeks inbetween retreats, we will offer, drop in classes and workshops, meditation and yoga and evening talks and events, to support and boost the well being of the community.

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